Construction Guidelines


Structure should be constructed on a sturdy base (heavy cardboard, foam core, or wood dependent on weight). If using cardboard, cover base with aluminum foil so that moisture from the icing does not soak into it.


Base should not exceed 18" x 18".


  • Each house must contain gingerbread
  • There must be a small border allowance around the house
  • Houses must be made of 90% edible products (excluding the base)
  • No electric components should be included in the structure - battery components are allowed.
  • We recommend using Royal Icing as it holds up for a longer period of time as compared to icings made with egg or butter
  • If baking gingerbread from scratch, we recommend baking several days before assembling to prevent shrinkage
  • Do not use anything on your house that requires refrigeration (such as prepared Jello, etc.)
  • Use a LOT of Royal Icing to assemble and decorate and allow each portion to dry and harden before moving
  • Entries are not limited to the structure of a house. Other unique designs are welcome!

Disclaimer - RMHC staff, their employees, and volunteers will not be held responsible for damage or loss of participant's entry.